1997 ASHRAE Technology Awards: An Efficient Cold Store Facility

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Journal Article by ASHRAE, 1997

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Describes Albany Port Authority's (Australia) new cold store facility, the winner of a 1997 ASHRAE Technology Award. The facility has two large freezer compartments separated by a common ante-room and a loading dock area. Focuses on the refrigeration system design which was specially developed to be at the forefront of technology, using an environmentally friendly system design and a refrigerant which satisfied the requirements of the Montreal Protocol. Sets out the refrigeration system design criteria in a table. Discusses equipment selection, existing structure and maintenance access, anteroom pressurisation and ventilation, air distribution, snap cooling facility, energy saving features, computerised monitoring and controls, energy consumption. Summarises energy consumption over a 12-month period.

Citation: ASHRAE Journal, vol. 39, no. 9, September 1997

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