1997 ASHRAE Technology Awards: Developing a Better Shell for Lab House

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Journal Article by ASHRAE, 1997

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Describes the Residential Integrated Systems Application project, winner of a 1997 ASHRAE Technology Award. It represents the initial effort of a home building research and development consortium to develop methods to construct affordable homes that are energy efficient, environmentally responsive and offer improved quality. Gives details of two, 3,346 ft2 (311 m2) Lab houses constructed for comparison purposes with identical design but using different materials and HVAC systems. Lists the components of the two houses and discusses them. House B has a much more thermally efficient shell, is better insulated, more airtight, and has low U-value, argon-filed double glazed windows. States the houses prove that without changing the appearance of a house or the construction process it is possible to achieve excellent performance.

Citation: ASHRAE Journal, vol. 39, no. 11, November 1997

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